Our Pledge

Products & Suppliers

We stand to partner through purposeful connections with suppliers who inspire us through empowerment, heritage and family values.
Our partnership is a platform for them to share and tell their stories so that their work can be celebrated and enjoyed.

We source our products in an ethical way that promotes wellbeing for people & planet, so All pieces are carefully chosen with our values in mind to ensure that we are always true to our promise. We work with each supplier as a true partner. If you are interested in partnering with us please do contact us we are always open to learning more.

Handmade in Greece

Leather Sandals

Our family owned Greek Sandals supplier, operating since 1987, has an amazing story of heritage and legacy. They pride themselves in the expertise of shoemaking art that has been passed down from father to son. Their story is one that perfectly combines traditional techniques and modern design. True to their word, they are proud of the fact that they still manufacture their sandals by hand with genuine leather, which is processed in local tanneries of Chania, Crete. This means that our high quality sandals are a labour of love, made the traditional way, uniquely reflected in each pair!

Handmade in south africa

Leather Earrings

Our earrings are just as gorgeous as the designer & creator behind them. This fempreneur hasn’t looked back since identifying a gap in the market for lightweight leather earrings in 2015 when she personally discovered how life changing these beauties are. What started out initially as a hobby with a single set of tools quickly turned into a business that keeps her more than busy!

Designs are inspired by the bright, diverse South African culture and are uniquely curated to ensure exclusivity for customers in mind. Each range is limited for this reason but fresh new pieces are introduced regularly. Leather and acrylic materials are sourced locally and internationally and individually handmade herself. They are perfectly finished with nickel free hooks so even sensitive ears can enjoy them.  

Handmade in spain

Avarca Menorquinas (Sandals)

The story behind our traditional Spanish Menorquina Sandals is one of vision, passion and belief beginning in 2010. After learning the artisan manufacture of Avarcas in Menorca, this ambitious lady started to source the right tools, sewing machines, leathers and soles she needed to start her “own little business”.

Today, she lovingly makes each pair of sandals by hand herself, patiently taking each pair through a process of cutting, gluing, dressing and pressing in order to bring the perfect fit to life. Her dream has always been to manufacture quality Avarcas with the best materials and this is something that she has certainly lived up to. Living in a small town, as a woman and mother, she is proud to be able to do a job that she loves and to be able to share these gorgeous sandals with shoe lovers from all over the world. We value how our special partnership can contribute to keeping the heritage and tradition behind Menorcan Avarcas alive.  

Handmade in south africa

Beaded Earrings

Every time you purchase a pair of these beautiful earrings, you are supporting a network of traditional beadworkers and their families. With the decreasing amount of tourism to the Kwa-Zulu Natal region i South Africa over the years, traditional Zulu beadwork is sadly a dying art form. Our partnership helps to support job creation and skills training for these ladies from the region of the Valley of 1000 Hills who take joy in meticulously planning & preparing the different colour designs and patterns. They also benefit from being able to work from their rural homes whilst simultaneously taking care of their children and earning an independent income.